Friday, April 30, 2021

May 1st - Happy Beltaine!

This Beltaine message comes from the Celtic Spirituality Tradition practitioner, a wonderful British woman named Mara Freeman. 

Mara's message is about the realm of Faery. Not the sort of Tinkerbell caricature from Disneyland, but an actual cousin race, real beings of light and energy.

When I wrote my latest novel, "The Hidden Abbey," I had  an experience authors often have - something I hadn't planned on, something I thought only had a minimal role in my story, came into full bloom, wanting to be more involved in my story. It was the race of Faery. In particular a half-Faery, half-human character named Shayla, and the Hawthorn tree guardian Faery male named Folimot, inserted themselves by wanting a bigger role in my novel than I had originally anticipated or planned for. So, my interest in Faery was piqued.

From Mara:

The Celtic Faery Faith and Beltaine

On the First of May we stand on the threshold to Beltaine, the Celtic festival of summer, when all the Green World is charged with new life beneath the light of the growing sun. In Ireland, Beltaine was a time when the faeries rode out of their dwelling places in the Hollow Hills within the Earth into the human world. 

Until quite recently, many people had encounters with faeries and lived side by side with them in quite a natural way. Some of these faery seers were descended from generations of country-dwellers who had kept the old beliefs intact; others were visionaries, poets and artists, who refused to be influenced by the modern materialistic world-view.

The Nature of Faeries

Faeries can range from a tall, beautiful, noble race to the diminutive imps we call the ‘little people.’ One of the best explanations as to what they are comes from the unlikely source of a 17th century minister of the Church of Scotland, the Reverend Robert Kirk, who defined them as being “of a middle nature betwixt Man and Angel.” For they are creatures of light and energy, of ‘force’ rather than ‘form,’ who can shift their shape as they please, not being bound by the laws of the physical world. 

The Faeries’ Return

Today, a new awareness of faeries is returning as people are awakening to the reality of worlds not normally apparent to the five senses. It seems that, with the current crisis on Earth, we are being called to reconnect with those Beings of Light with whom we once consciously shared our planet home. When we pollute, degrade and lay waste to the land, sea and skies, we are destroying their world, too. We tear apart the exquisitely woven tapestry of all creation. And so faeries are bringing messages from the Earth urging us to change our ways from living in separateness to an awareness of our interconnectedness with all beings, visible and invisible, in the great Web of Life. 

Connecting with faeries is not as difficult as you may think – you do not need special psychic powers to do so, just the willingness to open your mind and, especially, your heart, as a child might do. Speaking of how to see tree faeries, Ella Young, in a rare interview on KPFA radio, Berkeley, in 1952, said: “You have to be content to know that you love that tree, and you want to love it more, and you know it’s alive and you want to come closer to it.”

Here is a simple way to connect with the faery kingdom:

This Beltaine season, take a faery walk in Nature, preferably where there are trees and plants. Find a place to sit and begin taking some deep breaths:

1. Inhale and imagine a wave of green light rising from the land beneath you, rising up your body to connect you with the Earth below. Exhale and sense a wave of golden light flowing down from the heavens through your body, connecting you with the Sun and Stars. Do this several times until you feel relaxed and charged with the energy of Earth and Sky.

2. Notice three natural things around you and send a line of light from your heart to connect with each one.

3. Now extend connection to everything around you.  Rest and be at peace in this feeling of oneness.

4. Ask for a message from the Faery realm and open to receive impressions that may come to you. The response may come through feeling a light, sparkling, joyful energy; or it may come as words or images in your mind’s eye. Watch out also for signs of animal or bird movements or calls that may carry a message for you.


Have you had the experience of an element or character in your novel wanting a larger role?

Have you ever had an experience of Faery? It's okay to admit it. I have cultivated a connection. You?


Photo: Hawthorn blooms. Hawthorn is a magical tree associated with Faery.

Friday, February 5, 2021

Holding a Cup of Coffee


~ Nataraj VR

What is in your coffee cup?

I invite you to consider this: Now is the time to look at what spills out, and if it needs healing and transformation, attend to that.

When you heal and transform it ripples out and helps all. Our transition into this new golden 'Age of Aquarius' requires this healing.

The old needs to break down to make way for the new. Death and rebirth. Take heart. 

Thursday, February 4, 2021

You're Invited to my Author Day

My Author Day is Thursday, February 4th. Today!

10AM-12Noon Pacific Time. 1PM - 3PM EST

Come by and ask questions of me, comment, maybe even win a prize!  (E-book of Carry on the Flame: Destiny’s Call)

Would love to have you drop by and visit. Hosted by fellow Visionary Fiction author Mary Woldering.

Here is the link:

Friday, January 29, 2021

What Function does Story Serve?

The Celts were master storytellers, reciting orally and from memory rather than the written word. They treasured their oral traditions as a source of entertainment, inspiration, and historical account.

In the ancestral Celtic cultures, the trained storyteller was called a Bard. Bards also functioned as a minstrel poet and verse-maker, music composer, and genealogist. Bards were one of the three skilled classes of the Druid Earth religion.

In this video, a native Irish author and modern-day Bard, Scealai Beag, talks about the importance of storytelling. (Enjoy his accent!)

In what ways do you think Visionary Fiction is a bardic art? 


art credit: Tania Crossingham

Friday, January 22, 2021

Author Toni Morrison spoke about the power of words, saying “that is how civilizations heal.” We had a stunning example of that in poetess Amanda Gorman’s Inauguration poem on Wednesday. 

The youngest poet Laureate is 22 years old and delivered an impassioned, inspiring, embodied recital of her poem, “The Hill We Climb.” The text is below. The link to hear her performance is here.

If Amanda and her poem are an example of the character, intentions, and vision of what is emerging in this tumultuous time, then we are truly walking the prophesied transformative path.


The Hill We Climb

When day comes we ask ourselves,

where can we find light in this never-ending shade?

The loss we carry,

a sea we must wade

We've braved the belly of the beast

We've learned that quiet isn't always peace

And the norms and notions

of what just is

Isn't always just-ice

And yet the dawn is ours

before we knew it

Somehow we do it

Somehow we've weathered and witnessed

a nation that isn't broken

but simply unfinished

We the successors of a country and a time

Where a skinny Black girl

descended from slaves and raised by a single mother

can dream of becoming president

only to find herself reciting for one

And yes we are far from polished

far from pristine

but that doesn't mean we are

striving to form a union that is perfect

We are striving to forge a union with purpose

To compose a country committed to all cultures, colors, characters and

conditions of man

And so we lift our gazes not to what stands between us

but what stands before us

We close the divide because we know, to put our future first,

we must first put our differences aside

We lay down our arms

so we can reach out our arms

to one another

We seek harm to none and harmony for all

Let the globe, if nothing else, say this is true:

That even as we grieved, we grew

That even as we hurt, we hoped

That even as we tired, we tried

That we'll forever be tied together, victorious

Not because we will never again know defeat

but because we will never again sow division

Scripture tells us to envision

that everyone shall sit under their own vine and fig tree

And no one shall make them afraid

If we're to live up to our own time

Then victory won't lie in the blade

But in all the bridges we've made

That is the promise to glade

The hill we climb

If only we dare

It's because being American is more than a pride we inherit,

it's the past we step into

and how we repair it

We've seen a force that would shatter our nation

rather than share it

Would destroy our country if it meant delaying democracy

And this effort very nearly succeeded

But while democracy can be periodically delayed

it can never be permanently defeated

In this truth

in this faith we trust

For while we have our eyes on the future

history has its eyes on us

This is the era of just redemption

We feared at its inception

We did not feel prepared to be the heirs

of such a terrifying hour

but within it we found the power

to author a new chapter

To offer hope and laughter to ourselves

So while once we asked,

how could we possibly prevail over catastrophe?

Now we assert

How could catastrophe possibly prevail over us?

We will not march back to what was

but move to what shall be

A country that is bruised but whole,

benevolent but bold,

fierce and free

We will not be turned around

or interrupted by intimidation

because we know our inaction and inertia

will be the inheritance of the next generation

Our blunders become their burdens

But one thing is certain:

If we merge mercy with might,

and might with right,

then love becomes our legacy

and change our children's birthright

So let us leave behind a country

better than the one we were left with

Every breath from my bronze-pounded chest,

we will raise this wounded world into a wondrous one

We will rise from the gold-limbed hills of the west,

we will rise from the windswept northeast

where our forefathers first realized revolution

We will rise from the lake-rimmed cities of the midwestern states,

we will rise from the sunbaked south

We will rebuild, reconcile and recover

and every known nook of our nation and

every corner called our country,

our people diverse and beautiful will emerge,

battered and beautiful

When day comes we step out of the shade,

aflame and unafraid

The new dawn blooms as we free it

For there is always light,

if only we're brave enough to see it

If only we're brave enough to be it

Friday, January 8, 2021

New Year, New World…What Now?

 “We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned so as to accept the life that is waiting for us.” ~Joseph Campbell

The Grand Conjunction commenced on December 20th. We have stepped through the portal of the portended ‘Age of Aquarius.’ What is next? 

We are in what is called the liminal space. The liminal space is the transitional phase where the old world is falling apart and the new one is being created. It is a sacred place, ripe and potent, even terrifying because we face the unknown. Yet this space is full of possibilities. In this liminal space we simply do not yet know the details of our envisioned better world. This hallowed place of transforming ‘what is no longer acceptable’ into ‘what is next’ is where the real magic happens. 

You may feel heightened intensity during this liminal period of change. You may find you vacillate between fear and conviction and all that is in-between. I still feel fear amidst my strong convictions. Our shadowy wounds in need of healing are being stirred up and emerge to be transmuted. Collectively and personally. This is normal, especially when undergoing such global massive change. Death to old paradigms allows the rebirthing of new ones. Any regeneration into something new is always preceded by turbulence, as old structures fall to make way for the new. That is precisely how rebirth and regeneration work.

In this liminal space, humankind has the opportunity to begin morphing into the embodied love we are to become. 

I invite us all to acknowledge and embrace this liminal space and process of regeneration. 


~ Open our hearts and intuition. 

~ ‘Pay exquisite attention’ as Christine McDougell says. 

~ Recognize meaningful coincidences or synchronicities. 

~ Access your creativity in whatever form it takes and let it flow. 

~ Clarify and then assume your role and purpose in visioning and creating this new world. 

We are being called to be empowered, to be resilient, to be love embodied. This healing process is essential medicine for the Earth and humankind at this powerful time in our history. 

So, embrace the initiation that is taking place in the liminal space. Remember the vital role we can play, and the torch we bear as we move forward into paving different pathways of being and living and loving.

We will collectively contribute to the creation of what a golden era looks like. Necessary work awaits us. And while it does indeed require work, we are powerfully upheld and supported by the energies of this new dawn. 

In my novel Carry on the Flame: Destiny’s Call, Sharay exemplifies the process of transformation. Her jealous Aunt Phoebe commits her to a psychiatric ward and falsely accuses her of murdering her uncle. Phoebe uses black magic to steal Sharay’s fortune and magical power. Sharay struggles with the temptation to fight Phoebe’s dark powers with her own dark side. She must transform her fear of loss, her hatred for her aunt and thirst for revenge in order to uncover the mystery held deep within her cells that will allow her to fulfill her destiny–embodied love, the ultimate magic.


What do you need to face, to embrace, to heal and transform, in order to help bring to fruition the shift of consciousness available to us now in this new dawn?

Thursday, December 31, 2020

Happy New Year, Happy New World

Deep Peace by Donovan

Deep peace of the running wave to you;
Deep peace of the flowing air to you;
Deep peace of the quiet earth to you;
Deep peace of the shining stars to you.
Deep peace of the gentle night to you;
Moon and stars pour their healing light on you;
Deep peace to you.


What are YOU envisioning for the New Year, the new dawn?