Sunday, August 19, 2012

Book Giveaway News

Why do authors offer book giveaways? Being honest, of course there is a practical publicity side. We want to spur interest and reach as many readers as we can. It is often a giving from the heart, a chance to help spread the word about our literary creations. In the case of the VFA launch giveaway, it is a celebration of the labor of love in creating the Visionary Fiction Alliance and blog, and we wanted to generously share our joy.

The Visionary Fiction Alliance is hosting a multiple book giveaway as part of its premiere launch. There are seven titles from several  award winning or best-selling, really great Visionary Fiction authors including: Saleena Karim, Sandy Nathan, D.E. Lamont, Michelle Gordon, Michael Sussman, Peggy Payne,! 

Enter here for the chance to win the Visionary Fiction titles that include: Tales from Earth End, The Way of the Eagle, Crashing Eden, Revelation, Systems, The Doorway to PAM, and Carry on the Flame. One lucky winner will receive all seven VF novels! (Actually, it’ll be nine novels, as one author is giving away 3 parts of a series). Ebook formats vary, but most are either Kindle, epub (Nook, Palm, iPad, etc.) or PDF.

Also, there are 5 days left to enter my Goodreads novel Giveaway where I am offering a chance to win a copy of Carry on the Flame: Destiny's Call.

Good luck to all who enter!

Friday, August 17, 2012


Today is the launch day for the newly created Visionary Fiction Alliance and its blog site. Our purpose is to increase awareness of this novel genre. I am so blessed to be in the company of some of the best Visionary Fiction authors at the VFA.

As one of the Founding Members of the VFA, I invite you to join us in our blessings, our intentions, and our prayers for our new blog site. You may envision us christening a ship’s hull with a bottle of champagne. Or perhaps you see us cutting a shining golden ribbon with over-sized scissors. You might even imagine us sitting around a crackling fire or holding a brightly lit candle, toasting to our success. Whatever you imagination conjures up, pull up a seat and join us in our celebration.  

I invite you to witness our blog blessings, virtually spoken below, as they ride the silver rays of today’s new moon; a perfectly timed day to launch the Visionary Fiction Alliance!

VFA Founding Member Blessings:  (as also posted on the VFA site)

Blessings for our VFA and our newly created blog. May the VFA provide a beacon for authors, readers, reviewers, and publishers to discover, network, and be inspired by Visionary Fiction; to feel it’s call to transform ourselves into the most awakened and loving beings we can be. And may Visionary Fiction change the world for the better – one story at a time.
~ Jodine Turner

May the VFA
Inspire today
And foreshadow
A better tomorrow
~ Michael Sussman

With all my heart, I send out love, light, and inspiration to the Visionary Fiction Alliance, its founders, and future members. May we successfully transmit our positive messages with our stories, support each other's efforts, and strive for the very traits that our characters evolve into. Here's to a beautiful beginning on a most auspicious day. 
~ Eleni Papanou

May deep and lasting connections be forged,
Between like-minded souls who roam this site,
Together we are strong and bold
As we all head towards the light.
~  Michelle Gordon

Dear beneficent universe, recognize in us our desire to serve you and all creation. The Visionary Fiction Alliance is dedicated to manifesting the glory of spirit in a world that sometimes seems to lack it. We ask your protection and blessing on our effort to let the light shine and illustrate the conscious awareness in darkness. May this blessing extend to all the ways we authors are moved to depict it.
~ Sandy Nathan

May the Visionary Fiction Alliance serve as an enlightening, inspiring, and uplifting online community for all whose sense of the sacred includes personal growth and service to others. May VFA bridge differences and provide entertainment with an eye on solutions rather than fear and misunderstanding. And may VFA help its members and followers transcend their limited perceptions to allow for inquiry and the expansion of consciousness. 
~Margaret Duarte
I raise a virtual glass to the Visionary Fiction Alliance. May it thrive and achieve all its noble aims, for readers and writers alike.
~Saleena Karim

I invite you to visit the Visionary Fiction Alliance blog site!


New Moon photo credit: Doblonaut via photo pin cc
Candle photo credit: 53 mm photogRaphy via photo pin cc

Monday, August 13, 2012

Visionary Author Insight

It's been a year since Book One of Carry on the Flame was published. It feels really good to know that the interest, the awards, the interviews, and the great reviews keep coming. Thank you to everyone who has supported me and my novel, I'm truly grateful.

Today I have been interviewed by a fellow Founding Member of the Visionary Fiction Alliance. Michell Gordon's interview questions are unique. She asks insightful and evocative questions that felt tailor fit for Visionary Fiction.

You can find the interview, titled 'Visionary Fiction Insight' here. I invite you to stop by!

And, the countdown for the Visionary Fiction Alliance official launch begins. Stop by this Friday, August 17th, either here or at the VFA site.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The New Visionary Fiction Alliance

Visionary Fiction speaks the language of the soul. It offers a vision of humanity as we dream it could be. At a time where our world is going through so much tumultuous change, we need more Visionary Fiction. ~Jodine Turner

Those of you who have read my novels or follow my blog know I write Visionary Fiction. It is the title of this blog. It is my passion, and its themes guide the writing of my novels. So, you may notice that I have a new banner logo in the right column of this page: ‘VFA Founding Member’. It stands for ‘Visionary Fiction Alliance’. I’m so proud to be a Founding Member.

The whole thing began a couple months ago when I posted my Visionary Fiction article from Writer’s Journal on my blog and then linked it to my Goodreads page. From that emerged a small network of author colleagues who also write Visionary Fiction - Saleena Karim, Shannan Sinclair and I started a web ring in order to discuss the genre. Many of us who write this genre have the experience of finding it challenging to place our novels under the category of Fantasy, or Inspirational, or Speculative, or Sci-Fi. Why? Because while Visionary Fiction may contain elements of these genres, they do not accurately reflect nor describe just what Visionary Fiction is.

Our initial discussions on Goodreads attracted 9 other authors. We decided to formalize our connection and develop a blog with the purpose of increasing the awareness of the genre of Visionary Fiction. We have 12 Founding Member authors, and have already attracted several new members before we even officially launched the blog site! 

Our blog is dedicated to the promotion of visionary fiction and is a resource for readers, authors, agents, reviewers, and publishers. We go live on the new moon of August 17th -  the perfect time to launch new projects. I will post more when the Visionary Fiction Alliance blog officially launches.