Saturday, April 8, 2017

Novel Writing Festival's Logline of the Day

My upcoming novel, The Hidden Abbey, was honored as the Novel Writing Festival's Logline of the day today.

Glastonbury Abbey ruins


The Visionary Fiction Novel, The Hidden Abbey, takes place in both the 16th and the 21st centuries. A headstrong priestess of Avalon, Marissa, falls in love with Michael, who defies his father's military aspirations for him to become a monk at the Glastonbury Abbey. But when King Henry VIII destroys all of England's Abbeys, Marissa and Michael are torn from each other, and are reborn in the 21st century where they have one last chance to fulfill their destiny and their star-crossed love.


Margaret Duarte said...

Congratulations, Jodine. In my opinion, you are one of the most talented log line writers, I know, so I'm glad you received recognition for that talent. Way to go, my friend!

Unknown said...

Oh this storyline is wonderful, Jodine! Congratulations!Looking forward to reading it.